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Title It was available to undervalues before, but why is it not suddenly working?

A : Due to the recent undervalue issue of our shipment from the shipping company, we are monitoring customs compliance in multiple countries of arrival. We have been informed by the shipping company that it will be returned and discontinued If this does not improve.
Therefore, Ktown4u decided to change the policy as follows. We ask for your generous understanding as it is for better service.

< No Under Valuation Policy >
The user shall not be allowed to directly modify (undervalue) the value of the purchased product according to the following reasons and purposes.

1. Undervalues themselves violate international transportation laws.
2. Undervalues may result in transportation restriction by certain carriers.
3. Ktown4u pursue stability, reliability and legality.
4. ktown4u also encourages customers to pursue legal e-commerce.