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Title Return Poilcy & Delivery issue
▶ Return: Exchange
For international delivery, Returning/Exchanging is not possible unless the received item is defective or wrongly delivered
In case of defect or wrong delivery
Please contact our 1:1 customer service center with following photos:
- Photo of the item you received
- Photo of the bar code labels attached on the box (attached label has order number, ID and name of item)
- Photo of Tracking number
▶ Return: unknown reason
If your package is returned to us for unknown reason, shipping cost to final destination (1st shipping cost) and for the returning (2nd shipping cost) will be deducted from your payment of order and rest of payment will be refunded
(Return cost - Small Packet $2.5/ Parcel $10 ~ $50/ EMS $5)
*In case of Express and Fast Airmail, the package is not returned to us.
So if you refuse the package, or don't pay customs/import fees it will be destroyed, not returned.

After receiving your package returned, it will be refunded automatically.  
In case of: Deducted shipping fees from order Payment from you
Deduct 1st shipping fee
(for shipping to final destination)
Deduct 2nd shipping fee (for returning fee, if it is required) You pay shipping
 fee again
Deduct 1st shipping fee
(for shipping to final destination)
Deduct 2nd shipping fee (for returning fee, if it is required) We make refund
the rest price
▶ Return: defect
We are not responsible for any damages made during delivery process (little, stain, scratch, torn down etc.)
But if it is clear that damage is made before shipment, we will solve the issue as soon as possible.

The outer case is just for protecting goods. (scratches and discoloration on the case can not be the reason for exchanging or returning)
We do not accept your return caused by change of your mind.
Contact us via 1:1 service once you find some defect or damage on the item and malfunctioning either.
Please check the defect for sure. If returned item has no problem which you submitted, refund or exchanging would not be possible.
We accept your item returned within 14 days after receiving it.
*if it is decided to refund for Small Packet, refunded price should not be over 20USD



▶ Refund
We are not responsible for the wrong address customers put directly during the order process including P.O. box  

▶ Delivery issue
If there is any delivery issue, it has to be reported to us within 4 months from the departure of package in case of international shipping.