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Title MYTEEN 2nd mini album [F; UZZLE] fan signing event guide

MYTEEN 2nd mini album [F; UZZLE] fan signing event guide

-. Period: 2018.07.25 AM 11:00 ~ 2018.07.27 PM 08:00 
   * The deadline is 07/27 PM 08:00. (counted if you are in line at 8 o'clock.)

-. Announcement: 2018.07.27 PM 10:00 @ktown4u website ( www.ktown4u.co.kr )  
-. Date: 2018. 07. 28 (sat) PM 6:00
-. Place: Seoul Art Hall(closed event)
-. Method: Drawing out 100 customers who wrote the application after placing an order for MYTEEN 2nd mini album [F; UZZLE]
-. Store: Ktown4u Elcube Edae

※ Contact point: Ktown4u 
    -. Phone: Manager Kim Youngji(02-364-9080)
    -. Working hour: 11:00~21:00
    -. Board: http://ktown4u.co.kr/mysosinup
    -. SNS: Twitter (@Ktown4u_kr)

[Precautions for Applications]
-. You can participate in duplicate, but it’s banned to win duplicate.
-. Proxy purchases are available. (But on the event day, only the winner can participate.)
-. Reselling is prohibited, and the person will be excluded from all further events on the detection.
-. Personal information created at the time of application will be discarded after the application period and the date of the event end.
※ This event can be canceled and changed.
※ Notices can be revised later.
※ All albums purchased from Ktown4u are reflected in real-time on the Hanteo and Gaon charts.
※ The recordings purchased for the signing application cannot be exchanged or refunded because the application is processed at the same time. Please be noted with this before participating.
You can apply for a deposit. For more information, please refer to the deposit purchase guide below.
No phone applications are accepted. Please make sure you apply for the text after making a deposit.

[How to make a deposit]
We will accept a deposit application to help customers to apply for the event more conveniently.
We will inform you that there will be no difference between the deposit application and the store application.
# When submitting a deposit, it is considered that you have agreed to collect personal information at the same time as sending a text form. The personal information you have provided will be discarded after the application period and the event date end.
-. MYTEEN 2nd mini album [F; UZZLE] : 20,000 KRW (Free shipping from the 11st album)
-. Deposit period: 2018. 07. 25 (Wed) AM11:00 ~ 07. 27 (Fri) PM6:00 [Please be punctual]
(The application will be closed at PM6:00 every day, regardless of the period.)

-. It will be processed sequentially from the date of deposit and confirmation of information.
-. Deposit Account: Woori Bank 1005-503-480920 Ktown4u Elcube Edae
After depositing the amount according to the quantity you want to apply for,
Please text us the necessary information to [010-2239-9080]
[Please see the reference below]

* For inquiries about text application, please contact us at the number we have provided.
*The postage will be free from the quantity of 11. (Please send us the postage 2,500 KRW with the item price for the orders for less than 11 items)

  1. Application for Myteen Edae Fan signing event
  2. Applicant’s name [If the applicant and the deposit sender are different, please mark both! Applicant’s name(Sender’s name)]
  3. Contact point
  4. Date of birth
  5. Amount of payment (order quantity + shipping cost 2,500 KRW) *Free shipping applied from the order quantity of 11
  6. Address
  7. If willing to issue a cash receipt(Yes/No)
  1. Application for Myteen Edae Fan signing event
  2. Kim YoungJi
  3. 010-1234-5678
  4. 930525
  5. 42.500 KRW (2 albums + Shipping cost)
  6. Seoul, Kangnam-gu, Samsung-dong…
  7. Yes
※ Store Address
Ktown4u Edae branch
Seoul, Seodaemun-gu Ehwa Women’s Uni-gil 59 Merche Shopping mall 1F Ktown4u (Edae station exit No.2)