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Title Release Promotion Event for EXO-SC - Mini Album Vol.1 [What a life]
Release Promotion Event for EXO-SC - Mini Album Vol.1 [What a life]
-. Date : 8th of August PM 08:00 KST
-. Location : YES24 LIVE HALL (20, Gucheonmyeon-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul)
-. Entry : 1,000 winners (All standings)
-. Period : 2019.7.30 AM 10:00 ~ 2019.8.4 PM 11:59 KST (Orders & payments must be completed by 4th of August)
-. Winner announcement : Ktown4u board on 5th Aug. PM 06:00 KST ( www.ktown4u.com )
-. Method: Drawing out 1,000 customers from those who purchased [EVENT] EXO-SC Mini Album [What a life] from Ktown4u online stores
- Store : Ktown4u
www.ktown4u.co.kr / www.ktown4u.com / www.ktown4u.cn / www.ktown4u.jp
※  All the albums purchased at Ktown4u are reflected to Hanteo and Gaon charts.
※ Contact: Ktown4u
    -. Customer Service: Manager, Kim Yeong Ji (02-552-9855 , 010-2239-9080 )
-. Available time: 10:00~18:00 KST
-. Inquiry Board: http://ktown4u.com/mysosinup
-. SNS Inquiry: Twitter (@Ktown4u)
[Application Checklist and Guidelines]
1. This event is a standing event; it is recommended to wear sports shoes when participating since wearing shoes such as high heels could be dangerous to other participants. It is also recommended to simplify your belongings for safety reasons.
* Please understand that even if it rains on the event day, long umbrellas would not be allowed to bring in for safety reasons.
2. There will be bag inspections at the venue to maintain the surrounding environment and prevent accidents; If you have a prohibited item,
please keep them in a separate coin locker. Please kindly understand that it is a necessary process for the safety and smooth progress of the event.
If you are caught as a possession of the prohibited item after entering, you would be asked to leave the venue first and re-enter after keeping the items in the separate coin locker. In this case, you may not be able to participate for your turn.    
* Prohibited Items (It is not allowed to enter the event venue with items below)
- Imaging and recording devices except for the cellphone. (Cameras, camcorders, tripod, selfie stick etc.)
- Flammable materials (lighter, gas etc.)
- Hazardous materials such as can, glass bottle, firework, laser, flash etc.
- Food and beverages except for water
- Items that may cause inconvenience suck as backpacks, eco bags exceeding 20cm x 20cm.

3. Regardless of the opening or other progress of the event, if the entry is delayed due to the confirmation of the personal belongings,
our staffs would not be able to help, and the participant should be responsible for the result.
To prevent such issue and enjoy the event with other participants, please read the guidelines informed in advance thoroughly.
4. You can participate for multiple times but winning is only possible once.
5. Applications can be duplicated and substituted, but only the winner her/himself can participate on the day of event.
6. Transfer and replication of the event tickets are strongly prohibited and if detected, the person will be excluded from all the future events.
7. After the event result is announced, order cancellation and refunds based on the result are not allowed.
8. This event can be canceled or postponed due to the schedule of the artist.
9. The winner selection and announcement will be processed only by the detailed information provided through the users’ account IDs. (Contact point is necessary)
Please apply with the exact name on your ID card or passport for the event application. (For foreign customers, please use the name on your passport using the exact alphabetical order and space)
-. No other names will be allowed than those on your passport or ID.
EX) 홍길동 (O)
Hong gil dong (O)
洪吉同 (X)
きむらたくや (X)
If you have multiple orders, the number of entries for the event will automatically be added according to the total order quantity.

EX) Ordered 3 albums on Aug. 1st / additionally ordered 5 more albums on Aug. 3rd → The number of entries for the event will be automatically summed up to 8
[Event Checklist and Guidelines]
1. Tickets are not transferable, and winners and participation are invalidated when detected.
2. Please make sure to bring your ID card to attend the event.
  ( ID card, Passport, Driver’s license, Student card – Photo, Date of birth must be attached)
3. Event participation would not be allowed if your ticket is replicated or lost.
4. This event prohibits the use of personal support tools(placards, banners and etc.,) and the use of all imaging and recording devices, including camcorders, cell phones, digital cameras and recorders.  
5. This event does not allow any gifts, flowers, fan letters etc., for the artists.
6. Dissemination, sharing, copying, and producing of related materials through the internet or other media channels could be subject to legal sanctions.
7. Please refrain from obstructing other participants' viewing. There may be a sanction by the staffs.
8. There may be recordings and video shoots used only for evidence collection for safe event progression.
9. The use of public transportation is recommended because there is no parking space in this place.
10. Personal information would be collected under the Privacy Policy to send the winning gifts and identify the duplicate winners.
- Personal information collected by : HM International Corp.,
- List of collection : Name, Date of birth, Contact number, Address
- Purpose of collection : EXO-SC Mini Album [What a life] event participation
- Retention period : Collected data is discarded after achieving its purpose of use(  within 7 days after the event is closed  )