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[KAKAO FRIENDS] Dual Humidifier (Apeach)
[KAKAO FRIENDS] Dual Humidifier (Apeach)
[KAKAO FRIENDS] Dual Humidifier (Apeach)
[KAKAO FRIENDS] Dual Humidifier (Apeach)
[KAKAO FRIENDS] Dual Humidifier (Apeach)
[KAKAO FRIENDS] Dual Humidifier (Apeach)

[KAKAO FRIENDS] Dual Humidifier (Apeach)

USD 27.69

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[KAKAO FRIENDS] Dual Humidifier (Apeach) ...


USD 27.69

Dual Humidifier (Apeach)

Material: ABS, PP

Size:  11.5*11.5*12.1cm, 270g Approx.

Rated voltage, power consumption: 5V / 400mA
-Dual Humidifier
-Water Capacity : 350ml
-Water level censor

Age of use: At least 14 years old

1) Be careful as there is a risk of fire when operating with insufficient water.
2) Change the water in the tank frequently as there is a risk of bacterial growth when stored for a long time.
3) Replace the filter every 2 to 3 months.
   (It may vary depending on the frequency of use and the environment, and if the filter is discolored, replace it immediately.)
4) Do not add any other solution other than water.
   If aroma oils or perfumes are used in a water container, the life of the product is shortened, and it may cause damage to the product.
5) Do not apply excessive force or impact to the product.
6) Be sure to use a charger suitable for the rated voltage. Using an inappropriate cable or charger may cause a breakdown, and exchange or return cannot be made.
7) Using a fast charging cable or charger may cause overheating or faulty.
8) Be sure to use tap water for humidifier water. When using distilled or purified water (purified water, etc.), water droplets may form in the nozzle or excessive water may collect.
9) Never damage the spray port.
10) If there is no spring under the filter, humidification is not possible at the nozzle.


Quality Assurance Standards : This product can be subjected to exchange or refund under the Consumer Dispute Resolution presented by the Standards Fair Trade Commission.
* The outer case is just for protecting goods. (scratches and discoloration on the case can not be the reason for exchanging or returning)
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