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#44 You, My Dododok...!! (You should join Ktown4u Supporters!!)

#44 You, My Dododok...!! (You should join Ktown4u Supporters!!)


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Dear $%name%$,  #44 You, My Dododok...!! (You should join Ktown4u Supporters!!) 
Hello, $%name%$!
I hope you've been doing well ฅʕ•̫͡•ʔฅ
Greetings from your beloved editor Sarang🫶, delighted to meet you again.
In this issue, we'll be covering promotions for Ktown4u Supporters, the '때깔 Challenge',
and the debut event of the rising stars BABYMONSTER. Please join us until the end! 💙

💌 What’s in today’s Ktown4u?


  • Introducing 🩵Ktown4u Supporters!🩵
  • We're doing it too! What's in My Bag 🤍때깔 Challenge🤍, popular among MZs these days!
  • 🎊Let's cheer for the hot debut of BABYMONSTER🎊

👉 One-line summary for this week’s newsletter

📢 Attention everyone~!! We are currently recruiting ★1st Generation★Ktown4u Supporters 👀

Introducing 🩵Ktown4u Supporters!🩵
From March 6th until now, we've been recruiting Ktown4u Supporters!
What are Ktown4u Supporters? ❓
Anyone who loves K-POP and is a member of Ktown4u can join!
From participating in various events with Ktown4u to engaging in offline missions (❁´◡`❁),
you'll get to experience K-POP and Ktown4u up close‼
Let me spoil a few things for you〰️🪄
From the inauguration ceremony to participating in K-POP Culture Festa, joining popup stores,
and more, various missions and content are waiting for you!! 🤩

We, who are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Ktown4u Supporters, are already full of excitement (/≧▽≦)/
Please look forward to the upcoming activities of Ktown4u Supporters! 🥰💗
We're doing it too! What's in My Bag 🤍때깔 Challenge🤍,
popular among MZs these days!
P1Harmony's new album title track released in February, '때깔' (Killin' It)
때깔' (Killin' It) showcases P1Harmony's confidence that no one can imitate
as they demonstrate their unique style and passion, emphasizing that they are the best. 
(* '때깔' [Ddaeggal] meaning: the color and charm)
To show P1Harmony's '때깔' (color and charm), each member's items were gathered and posted on TikTok. When P1ece saw this, they decided to showcase P1ece's '때깔' as well,
resulting in the '때깔 Challenge'  ‪ღ’ᴗ‘ღ‬
The '때깔 Challenge' where you can catch a glimpse of the style of MZs these days!!
We've also tried the '때깔 Challenge' with Ktown4u staff 🤗
How is it? Everyone's individual tastes are clearly visible, right? 😎 
I'm so curious about the style of the KforU folks
I think it would be so much fun to run over and try the '때깔 Challenge' with friends right now!
👇If you haven't listened to P1Harmony's new song '때깔' yet, how about checking it out at Ktown4u👇
🎊Let's cheer for the hot debut of BABYMONSTER🎊
Hello KforU Family!
Won't you join us in celebrating the release of #BABYMONSTER's album? 🎉
Just click the link, leave a support comment,
and you'll have a fantastic chance to win a YG TAG ALBUM set for each member!
You have until April 7th to participate, so there's plenty of time left.
Moreover, during this period, everyone who purchases BABYMONSTER's album will receive a SPECIAL GIFT from Ktown4u: a random photocard out of 7 different types.
It's a great way to deepen your connection with BABYMONSTER's musical journey along with this special treat. We're looking forward to your participation and support! 🎁

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