Ciipher - Mini Album Vol.3 [THE CODE]

Shipping starts from the release day (May. 12th )
* Hanteol reflection & Sales confirmation will be available from the above timeline too



- PLASTIC SLEEVE : W 162 X L 220 X H 22 (mm)
- OUTBOX: W 160 X L 220 X H 20 (mm) / 1TYPE (Different images by version)
- CD-R : 1TYPE (Different images by version)
- PHOTOBOOK: W 148 X H 210 (mm) / 64P / 1TYPE (Different images by version)
- PHOTOCARD: W 86 X H 54 (mm) / Random 2p out of 14p Same images by version)
- RENTICULAR PHOTOCARD: W 85 X H 55 (mm) / Random 1p out of 7p (Same images by version)
- SLIDE MESSAGE PHOTOCARD : W 76 X H 135 (mm) / Random 1p out of 7p (Same images by version)
- POSTCARD: W 76 X H 135 (mm) /Random 1p out of 2p  (Same images by version)
- NFT SPECIAL EVENT instructions : 1TYPE (Same images by version)
- 1st PRESS LIMITED POSTER : W 594 X H 420 (mm) / 1TYPE
 (The poster will be provided according to the 1st press quantity, but it may not be 1:1 depending on the situation.)
Worldwide shipping is available

The delivery will proceed in the order that the order is completed
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