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BSS (SEVENTEEN) - 부석순 1st Single Album [SECOND WIND]
BSS (SEVENTEEN) - 부석순 1st Single Album [SECOND WIND]
BSS (SEVENTEEN) - 부석순 1st Single Album [SECOND WIND]

BSS (SEVENTEEN) - 부석순 1st Single Album [SECOND WIND]


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부석순 1st Single Album [SECOND WIND]
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- 총 1종 (Only one version)
- 아웃박스: 1종 (Outbox: 1 version)  / W154 X H184
- 포토북: 1종 (Photo Book: 1 version) / W150 X H180 / 88 Pages
- CD-R: 1종 (1ea)
- 가사지: 1종 (Lyric Book: 1 version) / W150 X H180 / 8 Pages
- 포토카드: 6종 중 2종 랜덤 삽입 (Photo Card: Random 2ea out of 6) / W55 X H85
- 해빗 트래커: 3종 중 1종 랜덤 삽입 (Habit Tracker: Random 1ea out of 3) / W100 X H100
- 부석순 카드: 3종 중 1종 랜덤 삽입 (BSS Card: Random 1ea out of 3) / W80 X H80
- 스티커: 1종 (Sticker: 1ea) / W100 X H80
- 접지포스터: 1종 (Folded Poster: 1ea) / W180 X H300


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  • Item : BSS (SEVENTEEN) - 부석순 1st Single Album [SECOND WIND]
  • Country of Origin : Korea
  • Manufacturer/Imported By : 와이지플러스
  • Quality Assurance Standards : In accordance with relevant laws and consumer dispute resolution.
  • AS Center Contact : Ktown4u, 02-552-0978