[@project4therose] WOO SUNG - Album [MOTH]
[@project4therose] WOO SUNG - Album [MOTH]
[@project4therose] WOO SUNG - Album [MOTH]
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[@project4therose] WOO SUNG - Album [MOTH]


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Album [MOTH] 

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* The outer case is just for protecting goods. (scratches and discoloration on the case can not be the reason for exchanging or returning) 

1EA – Box / Sleeve
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1) ComE dOWn
2) Side Effects
3) Phase Me – 타이틀곡
4) Modern Life


나비는 낮에 날아다니며 아름답고 친근한 생물로 인식되는 반면, 나방은 야행성이며 대부분 색이 화려하지 않고 사람들이 꺼려하는 존재이다. 밤의 나비로 비춰지는 나방은 어둡고 더럽다는 인식에 대부분 사랑과 관심 밖에 존재한다. 하지만 그들도 불빛 아래에서는 나방만의 아름다운 날개와 무늬들을 보여준다. 나방은 변신, 변화, 재탄생의 힘을 상징하기도 한다. ‘MOTH’는 불빛을 쫓는 나방, 그리고 또 불빛이 필요한 우리 모두를 나비와 나방이 나란히 함께 할 수 있는 세계로 인도할 것이다.

The lush description of his lyrics is drawn from inspiration from the album introduction that gives a palate onto this new journey. “While a butterfly is perceived as a beautiful and touchable creature in the daylight, a moth is nocturnal and often colorless, translucent, and drawn to the light. Taking a closer look, these dull, unpopular moths can be just as pleasing to the eye, when the light shines through them as they fly through the night. MOTH symbolizes the transformation, change, rebirth, and power of regeneration. MOTH takes the path of the unpopular, the unchosen, the not-so-beautiful ones and takes the listener into a world where the butterflies and moths can be seen side by side.”

“This album is for the people that show their true beauty when the light shines on them.”


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