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[@woosungnet] The Rose - [HEAL] (- Ver.)
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[@woosungnet] The Rose - [HEAL] (- Ver.)
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[@woosungnet] The Rose - [HEAL] (- Ver.)
The Rose

[@woosungnet] The Rose - [HEAL] (- Ver.)


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The Rose

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1. 1 x Photo & Lyric Book
Size 137mm x 137mm

2. 1 x CD

3. 2 x Polaroids (Random 2p out of 10p)
Size 88mm x 110mm

4. 1 x Sticker Sheet
Size 137mm x 137mm


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02 Track02
03 Track03
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05 Track05
06 Track06
07 Track07
08 Track08
09 Track09
10. Track10

The Rose returns with their first full-length album "HEAL," revisiting the band's mantra of people coming together to heal through music.  After a three-year hiatus from completing their mandatory military service in South Korea, the band created a ten-song collection with ideas coming together in two parts, with the inception of ideas coming together in Seoul. The members shared their voice notes and experiences from the past three years apart and then traveled to Joshua Tree, California for ten days where they finished writing and recording songs.

The album's first single "Childhood" focuses on the group's new freedom and rebirth. The song and accompanying video signify the band's journey into unfamiliar territories only with each other and those who support them along the way.  The featured single "Sour" is a tongue-in-cheek ode to the group's favorite candy and a reminder to cherish anything you love.
In the two months since the pop-rock quartet has been back, they have garnered over 1 million TikTok followers and have sold out a 40-city world tour this Fall, including 6000 tickets in Sao Paolo, and 4000 tickets in both Los Angeles and New York. You can see them on their world tour starting this October.


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