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Panic - LP Album Vol.3 [Sea Within] (Limited Edition)
Panic - LP Album Vol.3 [Sea Within] (Limited Edition)

Panic - LP Album Vol.3 [Sea Within] (Limited Edition) (Out Of Stock)

USD 42.28

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Panic - LP Album Vol.3 [Sea Within] (Limited Edition) ...


USD 42.28

LP Album Vol.3 [Sea Within] (Limited Edition) 
* Notes when purchasing LP
-Apart from the LP disk defect itself, small wrinkles and damage on the cover and inner page cause by the characteristics of paper materials cannot be the reason to returned or exchanged
-Even if the surface of the disc is uneven or bent, it can be returned or exchanged only if there is a problem during playback.
-In the case of color vinyl, dye spots and color differences that occur during the manufacturing process cannot be the reason for returned or exchanged.
-Color vinyl may have different color from the web image, and there may be differences in color for each album during the production process. It cannot be returns and exchanges for this reason.

* Notes on LP playback
-Return or exchange is not possible for poor playback that occurs in devices that do not have an integrated tone arm, and needle pressure control function.
Please play it on a device that can adjust the tone arm.
-If the diameter of the disk center hole is too small or does not fit the spindle, it can be solved by changing the hole of the disk.
-If there is a foreign substance in the needle part of the cartridge, it may interfere with playback. Please remove static electricity and dust before playback.
-The special playback effect of LP s is not a defect.
-Please check the RPM of the purchased product and play it with the correct RPM on the playback device.


* The outer case is just for protecting goods. (scratches and discoloration on the case can not be the reason for exchanging or returning) 

- 2020 Newly Remastered (24Bit/192kHz Digital Remastering)
- Lncludes a booklet with liner notes (Lee Kyung-joon_popular music critic
- Germany, Phallas Press


1. Panicillin Shock (intro)_1:28 
2.  숨은 그림 찾기_3:54 
3.  내 낡은 서랍속의 바다_6:23 
4. 태엽장치 돌고래_4:50 
5. 뿔_2:05 
6. 희망의 마지막 조각_5:45

1.  단도직입_3:08 
2. 오기_4:34 
3. 여행_4:41 
4. Red Sea of Red Tea (inst.)_1:54 
5. 미안해_4:37 
6. 내 낡은 서랍 속의 바다 (edit)_4:58


대중과 평단으로부터 모두 사랑받는 듀오, ‘패닉’ 음악의 정수가 담긴 정규 3집 앨범리이슈 LP 발매!
음악감독 이적과 래퍼 김진표가 함께 일궈낸 또 하나의 성취
패닉 3집 「Sea Within」 (2020 Newly Remastered)
한국대중음악사에서 가장 파격적이고 실험적이었던 듀오 패닉이 1998년에 발표했던 세 번째 앨범 「Sea Within」이 고음질 LP로 재발매 된다. 특히 이 작품은 작품성과 대중성이 절묘하게 균형을 이룬 앨범으로 1집, 2집에 비해 결코 떨어지지 않는 완성도를 갖췄다는 평가를 받고 있다. 성장에 대한 냉정한 성찰이 담긴 타이틀 넘버 ‘내 낡은 서랍속의 바다’를 포함, ‘사회적 가면’을 통렬하게 꼬집는 ‘숨은 그림 찾기’, 재즈 팝/어덜트 컨템퍼러리 무드로 가득한 숨은 명곡 ‘태엽장치 돌고래’, 패닉 특유의 냉소와 독설이 담긴 ‘단도직입’, 짧지만 진한 여운을 뿌리는 연주곡 ‘Red Sea Of Red Tea’ 등 스쳐 지나갈 트랙이 없다. 당대를 대표하는 연주자 한상원, 신윤철, 정원영, 정재일, 이상민의 참여와 창작 타악 그룹 푸리의 가세는 앨범의 품격을 한층 드높였다. 우리가 꼭 다시 들어야 할 1990년대 걸작 가요 앨범.

produced by 이적
all songs written, composed & arranged by 이적
all rap written by 김진표

mixed by 이유억
recorded & mixed at Universal Recording Studio
recording engineer: 김지연, 이유억
mastered at Toshiba EMI Studio Terra
mastering engineer: Takeuchi

(visual concept, logo design, photopainting, computer graphic, layout, all of written except lyrics): 電視工=전상일(Jesi Visual Lab)
photograph: 1st-고영준 2nd-강영호 with 電視工
stylist: 이혜진, 김은희

executive producer: 배명식 for By Enterprise

[vinyl project credits]
vinyl project manager: SoundTree, Inc.
vinyl mastered by OriJIn at OriJIn Mastering Lab (assistant engineer: Sung Dae Moon & Se Yong Han / sound advisor: Dr. Choi) 
vinyl manufactured in Germany
vinyl printed in Korea

(P)&(C) 2020 K&C Music Company. Distributed by Music&New Co., Ltd.  Manufactured by SoundTree, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized Duplication and lending are Prohibited. LP manufactured in Germany. Printed in Korea.

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