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[KAKAO FRIENDS] Phone Grip (Muzi)
[KAKAO FRIENDS] Phone Grip (Muzi)
[KAKAO FRIENDS] Phone Grip (Muzi)
[KAKAO FRIENDS] Phone Grip (Muzi)

[KAKAO FRIENDS] Phone Grip (Muzi)

USD 14.44

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  • Release 2021-03-25 | GD00051865
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[KAKAO FRIENDS] Phone Grip (Muzi) ...


USD 14.44

Phone Grip (Muzi)

1) Pulling in a vertical direction with excessive force may affect product damage. When the lower ring is detached from the grip, hook it into the groove on the inside of the lower ring.
2) GripTok is an auxiliary product that adds convenience to the use of smartphone. It is not a product that prevents the damage caused by falling of smartphone or absorbs impact. Damage to smart phones and grips caused by falling is a consumer error and can not be compensated for by damage.
3) The adhesive performance of the grip can be changed depending on the state or properties of the place where the attachment is made.
4) Fingerprints and anti-pollution devices that have strong coatings (eg black in the iPhone 7) may not stick well or may fall off easily. Please use this product after attaching the case and thank you for purchasing and using the grip.
5) Do not stick to the place where there is bending or unevenness (for example, LG G4), or where there is contamination. If perspiration or fingerprints are applied to the adhesive, the adhesion will decrease.
6) It is recommended to use GripTok with a case that has a strong adhesion force. (It may not be possible to attach the case with leather or uneven surface.)
7) Some protective cases sold on the market can cause physical and chemical changes to the grip peel adhesive due to the materials used.
8) Do not use thinner or organic solvent for cleaning.
9) Since bulky and heavy tablet PC products may fall, be sure to hold them by hand.
10) Do not use a grip with a wireless charger. If you use GripTok with a wireless charger, the charging function may not work properly. We can not be held responsible for problems that occur with the wireless charger.

* The outer case is just for protecting goods. (scratches and discoloration on the case can not be the reason for exchanging or returning)
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