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[KAKAO FRIENDS] Fruity Water Proof Pack-Ryan
[KAKAO FRIENDS] Fruity Water Proof Pack-Ryan
[KAKAO FRIENDS] Fruity Water Proof Pack-Ryan
[KAKAO FRIENDS] Fruity Water Proof Pack-Ryan
[KAKAO FRIENDS] Fruity Water Proof Pack-Ryan
[KAKAO FRIENDS] Fruity Water Proof Pack-Ryan

[KAKAO FRIENDS] Fruity Water Proof Pack-Ryan

USD 15.40

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  • Release 2021-03-25 | GD00051828
  • (Expected) Date of stock2021-03-24

[KAKAO FRIENDS] Fruity Water Proof Pack-Ryan ...


USD 15.40

Fruity Waterproof Pack (Ryan)
* The outer case is just for protecting goods. (scratches and discoloration on the case can not be the reason for exchanging or returning)
how to use
1) Spreads the entrance fastener to both ends.
2) Put your smartphone in the case.
3) After closing the zipper, press along the line and press the next velcro to attach the lid.
4) After use, take out the contents with the entrance facing down after removing the water.
* Be sure to read the instruction manual carefully after purchase and use it after the waterproof test.
Headquarters is not responsible for damage to the product and contents used after the first test, and products with defective quality during the first test can be replaced at the place of purchase.
For the safety of the contents, please use it after each waterproof test even when reusing.
Material: PVC, TPU
Color: blue etc.
Size: Approximately 10.6 * 19 * 1.7cm / Strap length-minimum 34cm-maximum 59cm
Manufacturer / Importer: NCL Korea
Country of manufacture: South Korea 

Precautions for handling
1) After purchasing the waterproof pack and checking for any damage to the product appearance before use, put tissue paper and textiles according to the above picture, shake or press it underwater, and perform a waterproof test. Please exchange it immediately at the place of purchase.
2) Check the entrance area and the body for tears or damage each time you use it, and in particular, check whether the zipper is damaged at the entrance of the waterproof pack and whether the zipper is closed.
3) Avoid strong impact on the product, and be careful not to touch the product with sharp or pointed objects. If left in the hot sun for a long time, the product may become defective.
4) Moisture may occur due to the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the waterproof pack, so when storing and using the smartphone inside the waterproof pack, do not use it in water above 30 degrees, such as a hot spring.
5) Before removing the contents, wipe off or dry with the zipper facing downwards. If the inlet is facing upward, water from the surroundings may flow inside and damage the contents.
6) We are not responsible for any damage to the contents due to consumer carelessness or unexpected mistakes during use as it has been tested for waterproof and quality defects.
Quality Assurance Standards: This product can be exchanged and compensated in accordance with the Consumer Dispute Resolution Standards notified by the Fair Trade Commission.

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