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SUHO - BALL CAP_1st Concert_24
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SUHO - BALL CAP_1st Concert_24
Out Of Stock
SUHO - BALL CAP_1st Concert_24

SUHO - BALL CAP_1st Concert_24


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 BALL CAP_1st Concert_24
PARTItem : BALL CAP (1pc)
Material : COTTON
Size : FREE
Made in Korea
Manufacture Date : 2024.05

- This product is intended for people over the age of 14 and is not intended for children.

1. The embroidery may not be uniform due to the mass production process, and there may be slight thread bounce.  
2. Hand washing is recommended as much as possible, machine washing may damage the product.
3. Gently wipe the soiled area with a clean cloth dampened with lukewarm water.
4. For heavily soiled areas, we recommend taking the item to a professional cleaner.
5. Do not use bleach and enzymatic detergents. 
6. The color of the product may be slightly different from the actual color depending on the monitor specifications. INFORMATION 






Product Information

  • Item : SUHO - BALL CAP_1st Concert_24
  • Country of Origin : Korea
  • Manufacturer/Imported By : (주)에스엠엔터테인먼트 SM Entertainment
  • Quality Assurance Standards : In accordance with relevant laws and consumer dispute resolution.
  • AS Center Contact : Ktown4u, 02-552-0978