CSR Activity

NEWS [CSR Activity] (2022.03.28) Donated 1,550KG Rice to Seoul Gwangjin Elderly Welfare Center


Here is a news from KTOWN4U. 

In March 2022, as a project to create a beautiful world of KTOWN4U, we made a donation to the "  Seoul Gwangjin Elderly Welfare Center (2022.03.28). 

For your reference, KTOWN4U started donating in 2014, and starting from 2016, we started sharing rice for low-income seniors every month. 

We are doing donation activities in the hope that the elderly will be able to eat well and gain strength in the cold weather. 

In addition, HM continues to carry out various donation activities, and will continue to be a leading company in helping people in the underprivileged.