CSR Activity

NEWS [CSR Activity] (2023. March) Donation of 10kg of rice per package, 30 packages to Yongsan Disability Welfare Center.
We would like to share some good news from Ktown4u.
In March 2023, we carried out a donation of 10kg of rice per package, 30 packages in total, to Yongsan Disability Welfare Center as part of our "Creating a Beautiful World" project.

Ktown4u has been carrying out donation activities since 2014.
Since 2016, we have been conducting a monthly "Love Rice Sharing" activity for low-income elderly citizens.
We hope that they can have a great meal and gain strength from it.

In addition to this, we have been consistently engaging in various donation activities, and we will continue to lead the way in helping those in vulnerable groups.
Thank you.