NEWS EXO member Baekhyun, new solo album ranks 1st on Ktown4u charts immediately after release

'Delight' reaches 490 thousand sales, 'City Lights' with 290 thousand
Album with three versions, sold through Ktown4u

Source: SM Entertainment

[MHN Jung Halim reporter] With pre-orders for Baekhyun's second mini album 'Delight' starting on May 6th, the album soon became the first to reach 490 thousand sales in the Ktown4u total album sales chart. Baekhyun's first mini album 'City Lights' is also currently at the 290 thousand mark, with just a few more sales need for it to hit 300 thousand.
The Ktown4u charts total the number of album sales from all Ktown4u platforms, with its reputation growing due to its popularity with international K-POP fans.

Known as a genius K-idol, Baekhyun's latest album shows him express his colorful allure as he alternates between the image of a boy and a man. The album is currently being sold in Cinnamon, Honey, and Mint versions in the Ktown4u online and offline stores.
With the previous mini album granting Baekhyun the title of 'Half Million Seller', fans are excited to see how his solo career will develop with his 2nd mini album.

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