NEWS EXO Baekhyun To Release Live Video For "Love Again" + "Delight" Achievements
EXO Baekhyun To Release Live Video For

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On May 28, SM Entertainment announced on its official social media accounts that EXO's Baekhyun's live video for "Love Again," one of the tracks of his recently-released 2nd mini-album "Delight," will be released on SM STATION's YouTube channel at 6:00 p.m KST on May 29.

In the video that is set to be revealed in public for the first time, it's expected that Baekhyun will be showing off a different atmosphere as he attracts music fans through his sweet vocal skills in line with the band's live performance

In particular, "Love Again" is a song that combines the lyrics of Baekhyun's charming low voice, which is about someone who longs to love again. 

EXO Baekhyun's Live Video for

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Indeed, people who are currently standing between the slowly fading affection with their loved ones and are entering the beginning of break up will surely relate to the song, which is between the end of love and the start of falling apart.

The sweet track was included in the male idol's comeback solo album, "Delight," on May 25, which immediately drew attention from fans across the globe. As the song will be performed with a live band, it's heavily anticipated that Baekhyun's vocals and emotions will reach the listeners from different parts of the world who wonder if they can love again. 


EXO Baekhyun's Live Video for
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Meanwhile, SM Entertainment also announced the male idol's other schedule, wherein he will be releasing a video of "BAEKHYUN THE STAGE" on YouTube and Naver V Live's EXO channels at 8:00 p.m. KST on the same day, where EXO-Ls will get to see the third version of his track, "Candy."

On the other hand, the seven-tracked album, released ten months after his debut solo album "City Lights" in July of 2019, captured everyone's hearts as it features more of the male idol's dancing skills, singing prowess, and versatility.

As soon as it was released, his album rose as no. 1 in iTunes Top Albums Chart in 69 regions around the world. "Delight" dominated in various countries, including the places in the U.S., Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. "Candy" is also now the song with the most no. 1s on iTunes (19 regions).

In addition to this, the EXO member's album also topped China's largest music site QQ, wherein his album sales, upon release, immediately surpassed 100,000 copies, which equate to USD 280,000 all in all. Due to this, his album has been hailed as the first Korean album of the year to reach a "double platinum" certification on QQ Music, and Baekhyun became the fastest Korean artist to reach a platinum status on the Chinese music site. 


EXO Baekhyun's Live Video for
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Baekhyun also dominated other global power charts and domestic music charts, with his title track "Candy" garnering a double all-kill status on MelOn, while "Delight" soared as no. 1 on Worldwide iTunes Album Chart.

"Candy" is also the fastest song by a male singer to exceed 10,000 hearts on MelOn. And as of press time, Baekhyun and IU are the only soloists to achieve an All-Kill status on this chart.

"Delight" also recorded over 620,000 pure sales on the day of its release, and it's also now the best-selling album on Hanteo. It's also now the best-selling among SM Artists' albums during the first day of sales of all time.

On May 28, Baekhyun became the first-ever artist to sell over 500,000 copies on Ktown4u. The music video for "Candy" has also broken the record for the highest MV views in the first 24 hrs among all SM Entertainment artists.

The live version of "Love Again" is to be released through SM STATION, a project wherein SM Entertainment releases high-quality music through solos or collaboration with various singers, producers, and composers. The STATION also presents a variety of contents, such as live videos and interviews.

Currently, Baekhyun holds several records as a solo artist with his debut album "City Lights" and his freshly-released sophomore album. The male idol didn't only smash the digital sales, but he also slew his standing in pre-selling because his pre-order sales reached more than 730,000 copies, the first-ever Korean soloist to do so in Korea's history.

Furthermore, he did prove his influence and power on YouTube, achieving more than 11 million views for the official MV of "Candy," just after two days, while the "spicy" and "sweet" version of his track, released through @Baekhyun The Stage, both have one million views already only a day after they were published.