NEWS ◈ Russia New Shipping Provider Launching- BOXBERRY ◈

Russia New Shipping Provider Launching Announcement.
To provide better service to our customers, Ktown4u add a new shipping service provider for Russia customers.
From now on, order ship to Russia can choose BOXBERRY as their order shipping method.

BOXBERRY information ::
1) Boxberry provides a safe delivery service. Address must be entered in alphabetical format.
2) Recipient's full name and accurate contact information are required.
3) If delivery fails because the recipient cannot be contacted when needed, the package will be discarded, and no compensation will be made.
4) If food is included in the order, the packaging may be discarded during customs clearance, which is not subject to claim.
5) Tax ID and import fees or taxes may apply, and any related issues are the responsibility of the buyer.
- Tax-free basis: Duty free up to 200 euros per order amount per shipment (However, tax is imposed on shipments exceeding 5 items of the same product)
- Tax is incurred when sending more than 5 items of the same product and is the responsibility of the buyer. (This does not apply if the color, capacity, etc. are different.
6) Buyer's ID information required for personal customs clearance in Russia (Russia ITIN(INN) Number)
- After arriving in Russia, the recipient must upload it directly through the link below. You only need to upload it once for the first time, the order that follows do not need to go through this process again.
- upload site:

BOXBERRY Tracking >> 
Please note that  Boxberry delivery tracking is available only at the following sites ::

Thank you.