NEWS ◈ New shipping courier open - DOORA ◈
◈New shipping courier open - DOORA◈

New shipping courier - DOORA is now available for the countries listed below: 


[ DOORA shipping policy ]

*Deilvery could be delayed by COVID-19 issue and occur the natural diaster like typhoon, earthquake.
*Transportation charges are appropriate largest of the actual weight and volume by Air Transportation Act
*Arrival date can be different when generated with separate invoice numbers by any issue if customer ordered goods a lot and released in several boxes due to weight concerns of damage.
*Dangerous goods can't deilvery by IATA-DGR like metal spray / lithium battery(electronic goods with lithium battery) / flammable liquids(contain alcohol like acetone, perfume and etc) /
oxidizing material(chemicals for permanent and dyeing). Also it can refund if goods are not criterion for local customs clearance.
*If you purchase quantities excessively and it is not confirmed as personal use by customs, purchase high-priced goods and electronic goods(computer, Internet phone, camera and etc),
you need to pay customs duties at destination. (There is no exact criterion of quantities for personal use because its different by each local customs officer.)
*Customer need to pay customs duties if you purchase exceeds local criterion of tax exemption. (Even in the duty-free range, it may occur that you have to pay customs duties as per the policy of local customs.)
*Recipient's TAX ID is required in accordance with the new regulation in Indonesia.

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