NEWS Notice of mileage accumulation criteria and precautions when writing reviews
1. Benefits of writing a review
Text Review 100 mileage
Photo Review 300 mileage
Video Review 500 mileage

2. Benefits of writing Best Reviews
Monthly 1st place 5,000 mileage 2nd place 3,000 mileage, 3rd place 2,000 mileage
Standard: It will be selected according to the number of likes, comments, quality, and content of photos and videos."

* If the product amount is more than 5,000 won, mileage will be accumulated when writing a review.
* The mileage will be given within 5 business days of your review approval.
* Miles due to review creation may be returned upon return of parcel or deletion of review.
* Minimum order amount and some event product purchase reviews may not allow you to earn mileage.