NEWS Ktown4u Chart Renewal Guide
Hello, This is Ktown4u. 
Thank you so much for always using Ktown4u. 
Ktown4u are always striving to provide better service for our customer. 
And we will updating the Ktown4u chart from August 01. 
Through this renewal, we have improved the accuracy and reliability of chart information and provided more diverse and useful data. 
Major changes include: 
▶ Data from collected historical dates remain unchanged 
Data from previously collected historical dates will not change. The data you checked before will remain the same. 
▶Chart collection time change 
Chart data, which used to be collected every hour, will now be collected every hour and five minutes. 
▶ Changes based on order date and refund date 
The updated chart will reflect the figures based on the refund date of the information that was exposed based on the previous order date. 
This can provide more accurate and reliable data. 
▶ Provide consistent charts 
In a renewed chart, a weekly chart is generated by the sum of daily charts, and a monthly chart is generated by the sum of weekly charts, 
The sum of the monthly charts will generate an annual chart. This is expected to increase the consistency and accuracy between chart data. 

Change chart aggregation interval and time content Note (Reference: KST)

Through this chart renewal, we look forward to providing more information and creating charts based on more accurate data.
I hope you enjoy the music and culture more through the renewed chart, and please pay a lot of attention to the Ketapo chart.
Thank you.