NEWS Event Page Comment Function Launch
Hello, we are delighted to bring some exciting news to our customers at Ktown4u.

We've added a new feature on our website for your convenience.
Now, you can write comments on our event pages, share your thoughts, and more actively support your favorite artists.

However, not all event pages have the commenting feature. In some events, only customers who purchased the product can leave a comment.
On the other hand, in other events, any member can write a comment. We hope that these various forms of participation will energize the Ktown4u community.

Please note that there is a character limit, and comments containing spam or inappropriate content can be removed after review by the administrator.
We ask for your understanding as this measure is to ensure a comfortable space for all users.

We encourage you to continue to comment in support of your artists on various promotional pages. Your active participation is the force that propels Ktown4u forward.

If you have any additional questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at any time. Ktown4u is always ready to listen to your opinions and strive to provide better services.

Thank you.