NEWS ◈ Exchange/Return policy ◈

Hello. This is Ktown4u.
First of all, we would like to thank all of our customers who support Ktown4u.
We would like to inform you about the exchange and return policy of the global store. Thank you for your understanding.

Return/Exchange Guide
- If there is any guidance on return/exchange in the product description, it will be prioritized over the details below. (It may depend on the situation of the company.)
- You may request a return or exchange within 14 days of receiving the product. Your orders may not be returned or exchanged under the conditions below.
  * If the exchange/return period has passed
  * If the packaging of product with possibility of reproduction has been damaged: ex) CD/LP, DVD/Blu-ray, Software, Comic Book, Magazine, Video/Photo Book
  * If the products are destroyed or damaged by the purchaser
- The return/exchange may not proceed if the product is shipped without the return/exchange application. Please contact through Chat service at the bottom right of Ktown4u’s homepage before sending back the product.
- Multiple orders cannot be combined after the order is processed.
- The options of the ordered products cannot be changed once the order is completed. Please cancel your order and create new order.
- Refund /exchange will proceed once we receive the product. The product cannot be exchanged with other products.

Missing/Damage/Defect Guide
For the return/exchange process of missing/damaged/defective products, you will need an unboxing video of the product. Please make sure to film from befor opening the box of package. (We may not be able to assist your request if there is no unboxing video.)
- For any missing/damage/defect of the product, please capture the unboxing video where it shows the purchased product, composition, quantity, and image and makes an inquiry on the Chat service at the bottom right of the Ktown4u website. (If the image cannot confirm the details of missing/damage/defect, we may request the unboxing video additionally.)
- Products contents ( album, goods, magazine etc ) with any small scratches or contamination which was caused by the manufacture process, cannot be exchanged or returned.
- The outer case of the product is to protect the product, and the contamination and damages that may occur during the distribution process cannot be the reason for return or exchange.
- CD/LP, DVD/Blu-ray can only be checked as defective when playback is poor. Minor scratches on the CD itself are not defective.
- Missing, damaged, or defective items can be exchanged for a new item, refunded, or compensate by mileage points. However, exchanges may not be possible if the product is out of stock.

Return and Delivery Failure Policy
If shipping company fails to deliver due to the reasons by shipping company and returns your package to our facility, we will refund the full amount of your payment (item price+shipping cost). After the refund, we will notify you by email.
- Packages returned by the customs or local postal service of your country are handled by our policy. The refund amount = The total amount you paid(Item price + Shipping cost) - Shipping cost - Return fee
  * Ex) If the item price is 45.02 USD, the shipping cost is 20.81 USD, and the return fee is 2.5 USD : 65.83 - 20.81 - 2.5 = 42.52 USD is the refund amount.
- Before the refund is completed as above, you may request a re-delivery by paying additional shipping cost for re-delivery and the return charge. We will resend your package as soon as it arrives at our facility.
- The shipping company may return or dispose package in case they fail the delivery due to customer’s reason. We are not responsible and will not compensate for this. Please make sure that your shipping address and contact information is correct. Also, please pay the customs fee.
- If you make a claim for compensation due to a delivery accident, we will request shipping company to investigate at your request. As a result of the investigation, we will compensate you if it is the responsibility of the shipping company. However, if you have modified the value of the items you ordered, we will compensate according to the value.

Address and contact for return
Name: Ktown4u
- Address: No.49, Floor 9, 55, Bukhang-ro 120beon-gil, Seo-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea
- Postal code: 22853
- Contact number: (+82)02-552-9855