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Title WANNA ONE - Mini Album Vol.1 [1x1=1(TO BE ONE)] ‘High Touch’ Event Notice

WANNA ONE - Mini Album Vol.1 [1x1=1(TO BE ONE)] ‘High Touch’ Event Notice
*Please read the notice carefully before participate in event.
- Date: 3rd, September 2017 (Sunday), 1 PM
- Hand out ticket: Identify the personal information and hand out the platform ticket from 9:30 AM on 3th, September. (In front of the paradise city convention hall)
- Please enter the grand- ball room and take a seat 30 minutes before the event start.
* Ticket can be given to only winner
-For checking winner, please bring your identification with attached photo (Identification, Student card, drive license, passport)
-Please check your seat number announced in winner list together in advance   
ex) Yellow A – 1. (write down your seat no. in advance)

★WANNA ONE ‘High Touch ‘ Event Notice★
1.   Please follow the direction as below to get to the place.

-. Take the magnetic levitation train (interval -15-min. / Free ) : Incheon International Airport station (take Yongyu direction train) - Administration Complex get off (Exit 2) - walk to the right Emart direction (Approximately 8 minutes)        *It would take much time if get off in front of Paradise City station

-. By walk: See the map below (Approximately 20 minutes)

2.   (Important! Please pay attention!) You will be responsible for damages such as damage to facilities and fixtures and garden lawns / structures caused by you. Please pay attention to this clause and follow the instructions of the operating staff.
3.   On the day of the event, it is not possible to use the hotel facilities excepting designated area of Grand Ballroom, where “High Touch Event” is held. Please follow the directions given by the Information Desk to the specified line on the same day.
4.   Please note that it is not possible to provide discounts on parking fees when parking the hotel. Please use public transportation whenever possible.
5. Luggage storage is not available. Please make your bag as simple as possible. (You should take responsible for loss.)
6. You could have only assigned seat to you
7. Do not wear accessories such as rings, bracelets, etc., which could hurt the artist during High Touch.
8. After High Touch with artists, you will sit in your seat again. (sit until the artists leave)
9. At the High Touch Event, it is possible to take a picture only at your own place. However, you can not record video or voice while you are waiting for High Touch or on it already.
10. Camera and Tripod etc. can not be installed excepting your own seat.
11. You can talk with the members during high touch, but you cannot present the gift for smooth progress. Thank you for your understanding.
12. In case of rude word and behavior to the artist or staff, he/she will be taken out immediately.