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Due to Coronavirus Pandemic and its effects, many shipping options are temporarily unavailable and the situation is changing.
Regretfully, we are not sure about the delivery period because we are in an unprecedented situation, nor will we know until the postal service update the tracking information. Please read carefully and check the availability of shipping for each country.


* If you already placed an order with the unavailable shipping option,
-> You may change the shipping option by using 1:1 service at https://www.ktown4u.com/mysoslst or request to cancel your order from the order history.  Please note that changing the shipping option may result in an import fee or tax, which is not included in the purchase amount. Customs related issues are the responsibility of the purchaser.


* If your order has been already shipped and you have a tracking number,
-> Track your package with your tracking number at https://www.17track.net. There are many delays due to the circumstances of the destination countries and there is nothing we can help you unless the postal service updates the tracking information.


* If your package is returning to Korea,
-> We will inform you with available shipping option and the additional payment if there is when we get your package. Please wait for our email patiently.


* If you don’t want to change the shipping option,
-> We will place your order on hold but if it takes too long, pre-order benefits(gifts) or posters for the first press may not be available.


* If you were informed about the change of shipping options,
-> If you want to change as you were informed, please make a payment for the difference to [payment@ktown4u.com] via PayPal. And reply us with the transaction ID of your payment. If you don’t reply, we are not able to know and cannot help you.


We will do our best for better service.
Thank you.